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Local Government
New residents, new businesses, new life for cities and counties. Johnson Controls helps local governments upgrade buildings and infrastructure – providing a solid path of continual renewal. Our innovative approaches bring quality to life
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Invest in Progress

People choose to live in areas that provide them with great services and enhance their quality of life. And as your community grows, your economy flourishes.

With more than a century of experience, Johnson Controls understands that local governments today are challenged with balancing economic, environmental and social priorities.

We can improve every aspect of municipal operations. Modernizing equipment and systems in facilities. Optimizing water utilities. Implementing renewable energy systems. You name it – we’ve been working with cities for more than 100 years.

It’s a simple approach: Assessing projects, navigating funding options, implementing infrastructure improvements and providing on-going maintenance.

And helping you communicate all that is positive about your efforts.
Proven Funding Mechanisms

It’s happening across North America and around the world. Johnson Controls partners with communities to improve infrastructure and buildings.

Best of all, we provide a return on investment through various funding sources, including:

  • Performance Contracting – A funding mechanism that allows cities to lower energy and operating costs without a capital expense. Johnson Controls guarantees the estimated savings.
  • Public/Private Partnership (P3) – A non-traditional approach to construction and building management that transfers the risk of design, construction, finance and operations to a private developer, in exchange for guaranteed fixed payment terms. Johnson Controls then ensures the building operates at optimum levels throughout the P3 term.
We make investing in your city easy. Whether you’re addressing aging buildings, constructing new complexes or improving municipal infrastructure, you can do more for your community with less.
Johnson Controls provides the street lighting, wastewater, building equipment, controls, security, integration, automation, management—and funding mechanisms—for municipal efficiency.

Case Studies

Greening Louisville
Johnson Controls was part of the team implementing Louisville’s first comprehensive sustainability plan, becoming one of the greenest cities in the country. That’s despite inefficient, high-maintenance building equipment decades past its life expectancy. The $27 million approach to energy efficient upgrades and repairs in 200 municipal-owned buildings was done without the need for Louisville Metro to provide capital or assume financial risk.
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