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Your key to optimal performance
and operational savings

Information Overload is Real.
Meet Metasys® Enterprise Management.

Building Data. The amount of information you get from today’s building systems can be overwhelming. Who has time to sift through mountains of alarms to identify critical, potentially costly, issues?
Comprehensive Analytics. Cloud-Based Accessibility.

The new Metasys® Enterprise Management is a comprehensive analytical platform with cloud-based versatility. One that proactively analyzes building data across your enterprise. Helps find opportunities for improved performance. Pinpoint inefficiencies to reduce energy costs. Quickly identify and diagnose equipment problems. And, more importantly, help take corrective action to fix them. Meet sustainability goals, stay compliant, and demonstrate how the investments you make in your building generously pay you back.

Powerful Software, Optimized Performance.

The Metasys® Energy Management feature set gives you the power to optimize energy consumption and reduce demand. It consists of features that collect, analyze and display information for monitored physical and virtual meters in your facility. This includes Energy Fault Detection and Diagnostics for energy consumption monitoring, meter fault detection and performance monitoring.

Equipment Fault Detection and Diagnostics allows users to easily pinpoint the root cause of equipment issues. And then provide recommended actions so users can issue work orders to correct them. Then the Asset Maintenance features provide specific dashboards that can be easily configured to assist with these work orders, service reports and maintenance KPIs.

Closing the Loop

Metasys® Enterprise Management provides you the actionable insights to close the loop on building operations and realize these cost savings – all from a single platform.
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