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Guest Room Management System
Guest Room Management System (GRMS) from Johnson Controls is designed to ensure an exemplary and gratifying experience for your guests. Our intelligent solutions are based on interactive technology that compliments the exceptional experience you want for your guests.

Johnson Controls offers scalable, easy to use and cost effective guest room management solutions to control lighting, entertainment, temperature, privacy and security in the hotel industry.
Guest room management solutions

Guest room management solutions that enhance guest experience, increase efficiency and reduce costs

  • Improved quality of service, enhanced guest experience and reduced costs
  • Secured guest privacy and safety with intelligent access control
  • Reduced operating costs and increased ROI
  • Solutions that add to the aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to operate with complete visibility into all aspects of the business
  • Bundled solution with enterprise level security and BAS with single source supplier advantages

Download GRMS Brochure for Metasys®
Download GRMS Brochure for FX

GRMS Open Integration
GRMS The Right Solution
The right solution giving benefits that you can measure
Johnson Controls’ guest room management system offers powerful, scalable, versatile and user friendly solutions that integrate seamlessly with building automation systems to provide memorable guest experiences and substantial energy and cost savings improving hotel revenue and project sustainability.