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Pre Packaged YORK® Chiller GTIAC Solutions

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The YCP-2020 is a cost-effective, flexible, compact self-contained system comprising YORK® chillers, chilled and condenser water pumps, electrical starters and proprietary Metasys® control system. The design is optimized to reduce parasitic power consumption; and its 20-foot standard shipping container sized modules minimize site space requirements, allowing flexibility in configuration and reducing project logistics costs significantly. It won the Innovative Power Technology of the Year award 2015 from Asian Power.

Features and Benefits
  • Flexible in operation
    • Suitable for environments with high ambient temperature and relative humidity
    • Suitable for any gas turbine
    • Cooling capacity of up to 2800 RT per module (can cool a 50MW GT in hot, humid conditions to less than 15℃)
    • Can scale up easily to supply more capacity as required
    • Wide range of water/brine leaving temperature
      • Chilled water: 3~14℃
      • Brine: as low as -4℃
    • Power voltage: 380 V / 415 V / 6,600 V / 10,000 V / 11,000 V for phase 50 Hz
    • Flexible pump sizing for connecting to dedicated or plant’s cooling tower
    • Intelligent system control linked with plant DCS
  • Compact for overcoming space constraints
    • Up to 75% smaller footprint than conventional GTIAC chiller plant
    • Offers the highest cooling capacity per footprint area of any chiller plant in the market. Up to 2800 RT in a very compact 3 x 20 ft containers
    • YCP2020 can be combined for several gas turbines or bigger machines
    • Space constraint is especially an issue for retrofits
  • Cost-effective for maximizing your returns
    • Best design elements incorporated – cuts designing time
    • Standard 20 ft containers – cuts shipping and logistics cost
    • Prefabricated, tested and commissioned – cuts installation time
    • Compact and modular – minimizes space requirements
    • Increases power output without installing new gas turbines – cuts CAPEX (Cost/kW is ~half of new power generator)
    • Optimal control algorithm under Metasys® for gas turbine operation and allows remote control – cuts OPEX
    • Design for easy maintenance – cuts OPEX
  • Assured quality from global industrial leader
    • Weather-proof, designed for safe outdoor operation; complies with ISO 8323
    • Comprehensive safety features including:
      • In-built vibration isolators
      • Auto-detector for refrigerant and water leakage
      • Emergency “stop” button
    • Quality components from renowned industrial vendors
    • 100% fully tested in world-class factory in Wuxi, China, by Johnson Controls
    • Chillers used in GTIAC applications for over 20 years in power plants worldwide
    • Only chiller manufacturer offering GTIAC expertise and packaging equipment into complete GTIAC solutions
    • Packaging process systems for exacting markets, such as oil and gas, process and petrochemicals for many years
    • Supported by extensive local OEM service support network of over 100 branches across Asia
  • Minimizing impact on the environment
    • Energy-efficient chillers using HFC 134a refrigerant
    • Open-drive centrifugal compressor technology approach lowers parasitic power consumption
    • Chillers certified by AHRI and meet ARI550/590 standard
    • Optimal chiller system configuration, can improve efficiency by more than 7%
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