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Healthcare starts with healthy facilities
Just what the doctor ordered: Healthier patients through a quality environment. When clinics and hospitals are comfortable, connected and integrated, patient outcomes improve and satisfaction increases. We make investing in the healthcare mission easier.
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Helping Patients Heal and Doctors Cure

 It’s what we do in more than 40 percent of North American hospitals: Develop patient-centered care through strategic technology integration. The result: Enhanced patient experience and safety, improved workflow, and increased staff satisfaction.

Yes, it’s about providing the building systems, equipment and know-how to create and maintain quality, healthy, sustainable environments. But today’s realities also mean offering innovative financing solutions to make these improvements work with minimum budget impact.

Clearly, efficiency comes in many forms. We consider the clinician’s time, the facility’s utility budget, and the technologies inside the building. They’re all factors that play a vital role in the success of a healthcare facility, whether an ambulatory care center, single hospital or a global healthcare network.

From controlled temperatures in the operating environment to improved clinical workflow, efficient technologies can help you save time, reduce risk, decrease costs and improve building performance and savings.
Healthcare efficiency at a new level

We call it Healthcare Environment Optimization™. The technology integrates a hospital’s building automation system with its surgery scheduling to optimize air exchange rates and energy use – with projected annual savings of up to US$6,000 in each operating room.

It helps clinicians more easily see and control operating room conditions and simplify the documentation of surgical events, including:

  • Tracking building and room conditions, such as pressurization, air exchange rates, humidity and temperature.
  • Optimizing the safety, comfort and efficiency of surgical suites and other critical environments.
  • Meeting AIA, ASHRAE® and local authority standards for air exchange rates.
  • Increasing energy efficiency by integrating the building automation system with surgical scheduling.
  • Earning credits towards LEED® certification.
Johnson Controls provides equipment, controls, security, building and clinical technology integration—along with funding mechanisms—for better building efficiency.
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