Johnson Controls named in Forbes Best Corporate Citizens List

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Forbes magazine recently ranked 890 of America's largest publicly traded companies to determine its 2019 Just 100 list, compiled of the best corporate citizens in the country. Johnson Controls was ranked at No. 41 overall, particularly based on community involvement, environmental impact and fair employee treatment.

We received more specific rankings in each of the following categories:

  • Communities- No. 11
  • Worker Treatment- No. 52
  • Environment- No. 73
  • Products- No. 164
  • Job Creation- No. 226
  • Customers- No. 585

Forbes magazine partnered with Just Capital to create its Just 100 list, surveying 81,000 Americans about the most important issues for the nation's biggest businesses. Paying workers fairly, treating customers (and their privacy) well, producing high-quality products, minimizing environmental impact, giving back to communities, committing to ethical and diverse leadership, and creating job opportunities were listed as top priorities amongst survey recipients. The top 100 companies were recognized for taking public interests into their own hands and generating better returns for both themselves and their stakeholders.

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