Exploring New Frontier of Built Environments and Smart Cities with Johnson Controls and SGInnovate

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What’s next for the building sector as it transforms itself with digital technology? Johnson Controls explores the intersection between architecture & design, technology and communities & social environment.

Most of us spend a good chunk of our time in built environments. We spend 5 days (or more) a week in our office – but does the office environment help us become more productive and increase our sense of well-being? Can all the systems finally work in concert, respond to needs and even go beyond by sparking joy?

The vision of a smart building is coming into focus now. The once-complex sets of disparate data of your built environment sitting in siloes have been tamed and teased out for use through the AI-enabled platform, Digital Vault. The intersection of this AI-enabled platform, architecture and communities will unlock tremendous value for everyone from occupants to owners. (Yes, even pets.)

This year, we partnered with SGInnovate to bring some insights to the engineers, building managers and anyone interested in smart buildings, smart cities and smart nations. Participants got to hear from:

  • Dr. Erik Paulson, Architect, Platforms and Data Science, Johnson Controls
  • Dr. Young M. Lee, Distinguished Fellow and Director of Artificial Intelligence Product Development, Johnson Controls

No worries if you weren’t able to join us at the event, the full recording is available here

For more information about Johnson Controls’ innovative digital solutions, make sure to check out our page here as well:

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