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Johnson Controls has more than 100 years of experience delivering vehicle batteries that meet our customers’ evolving needs. Today, we’re the world’s largest supplier of vehicle batteries, producing one-third of the industry’s total output every year. 

Our Products

We offer a range of lead acid and lithium-ion battery technology for:

  • Passenger vehicles, from those with internal combustion engines to fully electric vehicles.
  • Commercial vehicles including heavy-duty trucks and construction vehicles.
  • Recreational vehicles such as golf cars, marine vehicles and motorcycles/powersports vehicles.
Our Capabilities

To help ensure high-quality products for our customers, we offer the following:

  • Advanced manufacturing processes.
  • Supply-chain optimization from procurement through shipment for consistent product delivery.
  • World-class business process and technology.
  • Learning and development opportunities for our employees.
  • Added-value partnerships with our aftermarket customers.
  • Safe, sustainable methods of designing, making, transporting and recycling batteries.
Our Global Footprint

We have 1,500 people in more than 50 locations worldwide to develop, manufacture, distribute and recycle batteries everywhere our customers need them. For example:

  • Zwickau, Germany, is home to the world's largest production site for Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries.
  • Hannover, Germany, is where we develop, test and manufacture everything from conventional batteries and innovative start-stop batteries to next-generation lithium-ion technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • Changxing, China, is a manufacturing center for high-quality lead acid batteries for vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers, helping us meet the demands of the rapidly growing Chinese market.
  • Our Holland, Michigan, facility was the first in the United States to manufacture lithium-ion cells and complete hybrid battery systems for automobiles.
Our Research and Development

As more stringent global fuel economy and emissions regulations rapidly change the auto industry, Johnson Controls is developing battery technologies to meet our customers’ current and future needs.

  • We’re constantly investing in our applied research and development capabilities. In more than 30 laboratories around the world, our engineers are developing battery solutions to meet our customers’ requirements and to research and validate future products.
  • To complement our own in-house applied research and development capabilities, Johnson Controls has systematically built a team of the world’s top scientists, engineers, professors and students to answer one important question: “What’s next in battery and energy storage technology?”
  • We have partnerships with premier global universities and national laboratories to accelerate commercialization of next-generation battery technologies. 
Visit our U.S. site for more information