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Innovation Focused on Data Centers

From low-noise fire suppression systems to intelligent HVAC equipment and controls, our broad and specialized portfolio of integrated solutions helps minimize costs, maximize performance and efficiency, and deliver on our promise of enabling smarter, safer and more resilient data centers.

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Water Mist
This FM-approved water mist system is designed specifically for the operating conditions of today’s data centers. Maintain optimum temperature, speed detection and discharge—and use up to 80% less water.
Mission Critical AHUs

Designed specifically for data centers, the new YORK® Mission Critical AHU with Direct Evaporative Cooling (DEC) provides superior efficiency (pPUE < 1.10). The compact, easy-install package includes perimeter and rooftop configurations for maximum flexibility.



Free-Cooling Chiller

Reduce annual operating costs below those of a traditional chiller with the YORK® YVFA Free Cooling Chiller. Unique hybrid mode technology optimizes energy use year-round

Make it easy to enjoy superior long-term performance and efficiency.

Smart Connected Chillers

Smart connected chillers integrate industry-leading remote monitoring and analysis tools to extend peak performance and provide operational and trend data for proactive maintenance. All this means proactive condition-based maintenance, longer equipment life and faster response from local service experts.

See how connected technology can lead to big savings.


Hybrid Cooling

Our award winning BlueStream™ hybrid cooling system combines air-cooled and water-cooled heat rejection systems with advanced controls, reducing water usage by up to 80% while optimizing energy use.

Discover how BlueStream™ minimizes data center operational costs.

Enterprise Management

Johnson Controls Enterprise Management collects critical data from your building automation system and turns it into powerful information to guide decisions about your energy and operations strategies. We combine this with our predictive diagnostic services to prevent and solve problems before they cause failures.

Integrating our predictive diagnostic services with enterprise management, we can prevent and solve problems before they cause failures.

Acoustic Nozzle

Acoustic noise from fire suppression systems in data centers is a hidden risk that could damage your disks and your business. Johnson Controls developed a solution to manage this—our revolutionary and award-winning Acoustic Nozzle protects critical hard drives by minimizing sound at discharge.

Read the announcement about our Acoustic Nozzle winning the Data Centre ICT Innovation of the Year, view the video about our iFLOW fire suppression system or read about how to protect your data center in the protection white paper.

Complete the form to download our white paper discussing “Economic and Environmental Consideration of the Alternative Technologies”
related to fire suppression and detection in data centers.

Converged Security Solutions

The Johnson Controls Connected Security Solution gets ahead of security events with a revolutionary monitoring client that employs an advanced risk algorithm, machine learning, and external data to proactively protect you from threats to your data center, including insider threats.  A facility’s different security systems can be a challenge when faced with threats posed by terrorism, theft, sabotage, cyber-criminals and accidental damage. To keep your people, assets, data and reputation safe, our security experts can help you build a connected and converged security solution that brings all your security systems into focus on a single unified platform.

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