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Johnson Controls Digital Vault

What is Johnson Controls Digital Vault?

The Johnson Controls Digital Vault is a flexible, scalable, cloud-based platform that reaches across silos to gather data from disparate sources, and converts it into something you can leverage  to achieve business and building outcomes. It is the first platform of its kind to manage data generated over the entire building lifecycle -- from design to retrofit to removal. 

We offer the capability to fully integrate unrelated internal and external data sources to help you make sense of energy usage, security breaches, fire alarms and temperature controls. Yet the need for visibility across disconnected, disparate systems has never been greater. The pace of technological change requires building professionals to be more analytical, flexible and agile than ever before. Plus, as budgets shrink, enterprise executives are asked to ‘do more with less.’

The Johnson Controls Digital Vault helps you meet those challenges head-on.

Johnson Controls Digital Vault Services: Leverage Your Data Your Way

Johnson Controls Digital Vault provides a set of services that will impact businesses by significantly shortening development time and providing visibility to new insights.

  • Data ingestion
  • Virtualized data management
  • Digital twinning
  • Intelligent messaging for connected devices
  • Ambient data analytics for rapid app development
  • Faster Development with pre-developed Analytics and data models
  • Device assurance for cybersecurity and audit documentation
  • Edge-to-cloud gateway
Integrating Operational Technology with Information Technology

The convergence of operational building technology (OT) – HVAC equipment, security systems and fire-detection technology, for example – and external information technology (IT) such as weather, social media, employee data, etc. – is changing the way facilities and enterprises operate. In addition, the pace of technological change requires building professionals to be more analytical, flexible and agile than ever before.


They are being asked – by building owners, enterprise stakeholders and even occupants and tenants themselves – to collect, analyze and explain building data in real time.

Avoid Vendor and Technology Lock-in
While Johnson Controls Digital Vault is highly tailored to meet your unique business challenges, the platform is agnostic to any infrastructure or service provider and is deployable on any public cloud environment like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services. It leverages industry-leading, open-source components for generic infrastructure capabilities and has proprietary differentiated capabilities to manage the building and related enterprise information.
Brick Enabled for the Next Generation of Building Environments

One of the biggest challenges facing the global building industry today is the lack of a common data model for the applications and systems that exist within buildings. This prevents interoperability and limits scalability—issues that cost the industry an estimated $15 billion, according to National Institute of Standard's Technology. 

Brick is an open-source development effort designed to address that challenge by creating a uniform schema for representing metadata in buildings. Brick is flexible, expressive and complete to enable the next generation of building environments.

Johnson Controls is a founding corporate sponsor of the Brick consortium, a group that will drive the development and adoption of Brick. Johnson Controls Digital Vault is Brick enabled.

What if your office experience was powered by the Johnson Controls Digital Vault?

On your way to the office, you receive a text message telling you where to find an open spot in the parking structure.  As you get out of your car, your arrival is announced to the door access control agent, which means you can enter without badging or signing in.


Once inside, you are automatically directed to the elevator with the shortest wait time.  As you reach your first meeting of the day, your digital assistant automatically powers up the conference bridge and AV system, lowers the window shades and displays the presentation you’ve prepared. 


The Johnson Controls Digital Vault enables you to have streamlined, more productive day-to-day experience.  And as you experience that, applications that use the platform also help building professionals extend the life of their HVAC equipment, proactively manage security risks, and efficiently maintain a comfortable environment for building occupants.

Please contact us to learn more about Johnson Controls Digital Vault