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Reliably Cold Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

Industrial Refrigeration for a Variety of Applications

Keeping food safe means keeping food fresh. And, keeping food fresh means keeping food refrigerated—at the processing facility and in the warehouse. Frick Industrial Refrigeration solutions are designed to deliver high performance and robust efficiency.

The YORK Process Systems team designs, develops, and deploys customized solutions for a range of processing industries. In addition, we also provide refrigeration components on an OEM basis to packagers and systems integrators.

Frick Food and Beverage

The right refrigeration system helps extend product lifespan and reduce energy expenses. Our high-quality materials, innovative design, and modern manufacturing methods provide unmatched quality and reliability.

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Featured Products

Featured Products

We’ve offered high-quality ammonia refrigeration compressors for 135 years.

High-quality replacement parts to ensure your equipment is maintained at the highest level of performance.

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York Process Systems

Our systems work behind the scenes to meet exceptional demands that you can rely on for critical processes. They keep natural gas moving through pipelines and industrial process equipment working smoothly.

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Featured Products

Featured Products

Our custom-built systems include compression equipment, heat exchangers, and vessels.

Numerous applications and a long history of proven operation.

Custom PLC panels consistently provide the solution required, no matter how critical the application.

High-quality replacement parts to ensure your equipment is maintained at the highest level of performance.

OEM Components

We provide reputable, well-manufactured screw compressors, controls, and other products to custom packagers and system integrators for use in gas processing and other processing applications.

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Featured Solutions

Featured Solutions

Gas compressors for critical processing applications.

Choose from a range of YORK® OEM products to meet your specific needs.

Industrial heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

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Our refrigeration experts can assist you with your equipment, parts, and service needs.

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Discover How All the Systems in Your Buildings Can Be Smarter

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HVAC Equipment

Optimize your HVAC system.

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Digital Solutions

Optimizing energy consumption and reducing energy demand.

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Distributed Energy Storage

Optimize with advanced battery systems and intelligent controls.

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