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Less time on task. More peace of mind.

With new photo-realistic graphics and encrypted communications, Metasys® 8.1 increases efficiency and reduces risk.

Work smarter, protect data and make the most of your system with the new Metasys 8.1—including a full library of photo-realistic graphics that make troubleshooting faster and easier than ever.

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The Picture of Productivity

Modern, photo-realistic graphics built into the intuitive space- and equipment-based navigation make pinpointing critical information immediate. Operators can see all the equipment serving a space to easily zero in on issues. The alarm manager speeds prioritizing with quick identification, easy sorting and bulk response. Convenient scheduling lets operators see system impact, make adjustments and add exceptions across multiple schedules.

See how easy it is to create and use graphical dashboards.

Current, Critical Security

The best way to protect your building automation system is to keep it up to date, as recommended by the Department of Homeland Security Control Systems Security Program. Metasys 8.1 delivers new enhancements, like encrypted communication, to help prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive data.

Open Architecture Rewards

Enhanced BACnet support through Metasys 8.1 helps capture the better business outcomes of an open building automation system—saving energy, increasing efficiency, reducing risk and maintaining safe, comfortable, productive environments. Upgrade now to ensure compatibility across different systems and expand capabilities as technologies advance.

Read more about open BAS benefits.

Re-discover the world’s smartest building automation system

Contact a Johnson Controls representative for more information on Metasys 8.1.

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