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Enhance productivity and security with future-proofed building systems

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Imagine how Metasys might integrate even more easily with tomorrow’s fire and security systems. You could gain the ability to see all fire and security system activity at once. To view detailed occupancy information across multiple buildings. To benefit from smarter, proactive, prioritized building automation – responding faster to equipment and building alarms. Get ready for the future before it arrives.

Maximize Metasys benefits for pneumatic systems

Skip a full retrofit and modernize your pneumatic HVAC control system with the WT-4000 Series Pneumatic-to-Direct Digital Control (DDC) Room Thermostat. With easy installation, the WT-4000 thermostat adds DDC benefits like BAS connectivity to get the most out of Metasys features.


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How space-based navigation makes it easy to troubleshoot issues in Metasys BAS

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Win today – and tomorrow

Make your building smarter and your life easier with the latest Metasys release. With HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems communicating on a single platform, you can make savvier decisions today and enjoy long-term, positive results.

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