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World-class ease

Intuitive, space-based navigation makes it easy to manage alarms, streamline scheduling and identify trends. Fully optimized for mobile access, Metasys 9.0 adds new features to our industry-leading interface:

  • Advanced Search and Reporting helps facility managers search for data and enter bulk commands, quickly identifying issues and restoring order
  • Building Network displays objects across the component hierarchy in a familiar interface for clear visibility and easy editing
Metasys 9
Cyber security
Vital cyber security

The best way to protect your building automation system is to keep it up to date, as recommended by the Department of Homeland Security Control Systems Security Program. Metasys is committed to security with features like encrypted communication, to help prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive data.

New BACnet®/IP controllers

New field controllers enable easy integrations of BAS components using Ethernet/IP networking. High-speed Ethernet infrastructure increases bandwidth, speeding downloads and upgrades for optimum performance—and future-proofing your cabling investment.

BAS components


Win today – and tomorrow

Make your building smarter and your life easier with the latest Metasys release. With HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems communicating on a single platform, you can make savvier decisions today and enjoy long-term, positive results.

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