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Upcoming Webcasts

Sound Power, Sound Pressure and Barriers for Air-Cooled Chillers

November 30, 2017 at 1 pm CDT 

Understanding the differences in measurement and how to best optimize chiller sound performance through use of specifically constructed barriers is imperative for delivering to meet building needs. Join experts from Johnson Controls as we present the fundamentals on air-cooled chiller sound.

Acoustics: Reducing Sound Levels in Commercial Packaged DX HVAC Systems

February 13, 2018 at 1 pm CDT

Join experts from Johnson Controls as they discuss overcoming the challenges of minimizing unwanted sound while keeping occupants comfortable with Packaged DX products.

Recent Webcasts

Realize Energy and Operational Savings Opportunities through Building Automation Support Services

A building automation system needs regular reviews and adjustments to ensure that building operators realize the full benefits of their systems. Studies show that a 2-10% energy savings can be realized through these regular reviews. During this webinar, Johnson Controls subject matter experts will discuss the benefits of a systematic approach to maintaining building controls systems.

Applying ECM Fan Technology in Air Handling Units

ECM (electronically commutated motor) fans offer advantages that should influence your air handling system design strategy. This webinar will explain the technology, identify the advantages, and describe their application in air handling systems. Customer benefits will be highlighted as we compare ECM fans to alternative fan types.

Optimizing Energy Use with VSD Chillers

Chillers can account for 35 percent of HVAC energy use in many commercial buildings, but today’s Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) can cut a chiller’s annual energy cost by 30 percent or more. Learn more about how VSDs can optimize energy use at full and part load, as well as under off-design conditions in this one-hour free webcast.

Equipment Noise: Acoustics 101

Learn the basics of HVAC sound, how it travels through air and structures, its impact on occupants, and guidelines for controlling noise and vibrations.

Video Library

Top Talks Library
Watch experts from the Johnson Controls family of brands give presentations on topics ranging from getting the most from your BAS to encouraging woman in the HVAC industry.

Industry Events

Modernizing Infrastructure for Institutional Success
As the summer months wind down, now is an opportune time to reevaluate your educational facility and determine the best ways to modernize your infrastructure. Not only does modernization help your school become more sustainable and efficient, it helps build institutional integrity that can attract and keep students. 
Setting a sustainable example for universities
While you may not be heading back to school this fall, it’s never too late to learn how to create a more sustainable environment. Campuses all over are working to set an example for students by making educational facilities more sustainable with worthwhile changes to infrastructure. 
ASHE 2017
Experts gathered to discuss the future of healthcare at ASHE PDC in Orlando in March, with a focus on future flexibility and patient-focused environments. 
NSBA 2017
The 77th Annual Conference and Exposition of the NSBA brought together more than 7,000 academic leaders from across the country, and provided members with education-specific updates on legal and legislative issues, policy, governance, finance and technology.
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