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Top Talks | AHR 2017

Getting the Most Out of Your BAS with Maintenance
A BAS needs regular reviews and adjustments to ensure that building owners/operators realize the full benefits of their systems. Studies show that a 2-10% energy savings can be realized through these regular reviews. Learn about a systematic approach to maintaining building controls systems and the benefits gained, both during building startup and throughout its lifecycle.
Leveraging IoT Technologies for Improved Service
Using advanced technology can help remove challenges in operating a chiller plant. In this session, discover a cost-effective, proactive approach to chiller maintenance with predictive and IoT technologies. Learn about the different methods of fault detection and diagnostics and what you could expect if you took a more strategic approach to maintenance.
Making Buildings Smarter by Optimizing Equipment with Verasys™
Take advantage of a new level of insight into building operations and provide facilities that better serve occupants. Seamlessly connect a vast array of equipment to Verasys™ without any special programming tools. See how Verasys takes advantage of Smart Equipment™ from Johnson Controls or any manufacturer to help to keep your occupants comfortable, productive and safe.
Making Sense Out of Fan Systems for Air Handlers
The choices of fan systems for designers of air handling systems has grown significantly in recent years. Choosing the right fan can be a confusing and frustrating experience. We’ll help you hone on your decisions with a few guidelines that can help you achieve a balance of the factors that are important to your customers.