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Upcoming Webcasts

Smart Chiller Maintenance in the Palm of Your Hands

April 13 at 1 PM CST
With the evolution of digital capabilities and the changing demographics of the workforce, the movement from onsite checking to remote monitoring is allowing service maintenance technicians to be more efficient. This shift is supported by the Johnson Controls mobile dashboard feature for Smart Connected Chillers. Join us for a free one-hour demonstration to see our connected service experts walk through the capabilities of the mobile user interface and discuss how to maximize staff productivity, chiller reliability and uptime.

Choosing the right oil-free chiller bearing
April 20, 2 PM EST
Less complex chiller design choices mean easier maintenance and longer equipment life. Learn how chiller bearing technologies are changing the landscape of chiller operation and efficiency, including discussions around oil-free chiller bearing options, capabilities, and benefits.
Fan Array Vibration Isolation in Air Handling Units

April 25, 1PM CST 
The rules have changed for vibration isolation of modern air-handlers with fan arrays. Current ASHRAE design guidelines for fan vibration isolation in air handling systems are based on applications using single belt-driven fans. But many air handling systems now use arrays of direct-drive fans which have different vibration characteristics and thus different vibration isolation requirements.

Improving Chiller Maintenance with IoT and Predictive Technologies

May 4, 1 PM CST
Learn about a strategy-based approach to chiller maintenance in this free one-hour webcast from Johnson Controls and Facility Executive. A layered approach to maintenance using predictive technologies and dashboards delivers a complete picture of chiller health and performance, allowing you to maximize productivity and uptime while avoiding equipment failures.

Busting Chiller Refrigerant Myths

May 11, 2 PM EST

Are you able to separate fact from fiction when it comes to refrigerants? The refrigerant landscape is changing rapidly, causing confusion when it comes to understanding what the regulations are, which refrigerants are staying or going, and how to make the best decisions for your investments and the environment. Join experts from Johnson Controls for a one-hour session, exposing some of the most common misconceptions and laying out the facts when it comes to the changing world of refrigerants in HVAC equipment.

Recorded Webcasts

What Does an Open BAS Really Look Like?
There’s a lot of talk in the industry these days about the concept of openness and how organizations and their facilities teams can benefit from having an open building automation system. But what exactly does that mean and how can openness add value? Watch the one-hour webinar to explore what an open BAS really means and discuss how to minimize risk and maximize ROI with an open BAS architecture.
Cybersmart Buildings

It is no longer enough for a building to be smart – it must now be cybersmart. As access to building data and operational systems increases, so do the challenges associated with securing the smart building environment. Experts from Booz Allen Hamilton and Johnson Controls discuss cyber risk and what smart building stakeholders can do to support cyber security in this one-hour recorded webinar.