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Cool Behind the Scenes

Refrigeration Systems & Equipment

By keeping food safely chilled, natural gas moving through pipelines and industrial process equipment working smoothly, our commercial and industrial refrigeration systems work behind the scenes to make essential services safer and more reliable. How cool is that?

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Commercial Refrigeration


Refrigeration is vital to food storage and you can depend on Johnson Controls whenever there's a need to keep things cool. We've been in this business for a long time, but we're continuously building on our experience to provide superior control technology for all types of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Our rugged, dependable designs and quality construction provide lasting performance.

Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Industrial Refrigeration Food and Beverage


Within the food and beverage industries, industrial refrigeration equipment is important. The right refrigeration systems help to extend product lifespan, reduce your costs and keep your organization energy efficient. Our high quality materials, innovative design and modern manufacturing methods provide unmatched quality, reliability and energy efficiency for your application, allowing you to maximize your energy savings.




Refrigeration Process Systems

YORK Process Systems

Industrial Refrigeration Applications rely on YORK® Process Systems to improve efficiencies and reduce maintenance. Our YORK® Process System team provides you with complete, customized solutions from design through manufacturing, assembly and testing.
Refrigeration OEM


We provide reputable, well manufactured screw compressors, controls and other products to custom packagers and system integrators for use in gas processing and other processing applications.

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> Contact us for more information on Refrigeration

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