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Innovation That Delivers
If you manage a data center, you care about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), uptime and reliability. Your data center partner should provide the necessary flexibility and innovation to meet these requirements. Let’s work together to meet your goals — and exceed them.
60% lower time to repair

By remotely monitoring over 3,000 connected chillers as part of our total cooling and power services program, we’ve improved uptime and dramatically reduced time to repair.

See how connected technology can lead to big savings.


lower repair
Fire protection for critical needs

Products like our industry-leading Acoustic Nozzle and AquaMist fire protection solutions protect your data without compromising your facility.

Read the announcement about our Acoustic Nozzle winning the Data Centre ICT Innovation of the Year, view the video about our iFLOW fire suppression system or read about how to protect your data center in the protection white paper.

Data-driven efficiency

Our Advanced Vibration Evaluation, a predictive maintenance service, identifies potential chiller failures sooner than traditional systems.

Check-out the data behind our Advanced Vibration Evaluation process.


data driven efficiency
lower first cost
HVAC solutions keep it cool

We install and control HVAC systems that are critical to maintaining proper data center operating environments, while also delivering efficient performance with innovative, water-saving solutions.

Leading service and support

We develop systems to proactively identify problems. Planned maintenance and predictive diagnostics help reduce risk and avoid breakdowns while Johnson Controls service experts at more than 500 locations worldwide provide swift response to your support needs.

leading service
We’re ready to get to work.

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