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Solutions Designed for Streamlined Control
Your data center is more than hardware – it’s a building full of complex systems, including HVAC, building automation, fire protection and security. A world-class data center integrates these systems to provide increased efficiency. Who can connect the dots? We can.

The Power of Partnership

In mission-critical data center environments, having the right partner makes the difference. Watch this video to see how we build successful data centers – and successful partnerships.

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Data Center Solutions

Partnering with Johnson Controls gives you access to 5 integrated solutions. Download this infographic for an overview of our HVAC, Building Management, Fire, Security and Service expertise.

hvac systems

HVAC Systems

Thermal management is the key to a successful data center design. Reliable, scalable and highly efficient YORK® HVAC solutions include:

  • World-class chillers, including the fast-starting YORK® YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller with up to 35% more efficiency than even our own world-class designs.
  • Fully customizable or standard YORK® air handling units (AHU) with industry-leading performance and unsurpassed scalability.
  • Free cooling options from water-side or air-side economizers that can be supplemented with mechanical chiller systems when free cooling is not an option.
  • Close control air conditioning units (CCU) with high availability and power usage effectiveness (PUE).
  • BlueStream thermosyphon hybrid cooling to reduce water consumption in traditional cooling tower systems 25-80% while maintaining peak process output and energy efficiency.
controls building automation

Controls, Building Automation and Building Management Systems

Simplified control, actionable data and increased efficiency are critical to modern data center building management. With over 25,000 site installations, Johnson Controls has the largest base of building management systems of any provider globally, including hundreds of installed data center solutions:

  • With secure, mobile access, our Metasys® building management system organizes data to help you control temperature and lighting, monitor system performance and optimize equipment energy use.
  • Alternatively, our legendary Facility Explorer® allows you to create a building automation system that’s as simple or as sophisticated as you need.
  • Johnson Controls Enterprise Management uses powerful analytics and cloud-based accessibility to turn data from our Metasys® building automation into actionable insights that can help reduce costs and identify negative performance trends weeks before they become issues.
  • Data center file integrity management (DCFIM) can help monitor and provide alerts when sensitive file systems are changed.
controls building automation
fire detection suppression

Fire Detection

With increased rack power consumption density comes a higher risk of servers overheating. Whether you’re looking for multi-technology fire detection or alarm systems, we have the high sensitivity, fast response solution that can simplify your administration of fire and life safety.

  • Extensive Tyco fire protection products include fast aspiration detection, point detection and flame/heat detection for technical rooms. We’ll help you consider common physical and process variables found within data centers to customize and optimize your solution.

Fire Suppression

Data centers need coordinated responses to minimize human, equipment and economic loss. Through our portfolio of fire suppression products from Tyco, we offer an array of best-in-class sprinkler and suppression systems, including:

  • AquaMist and Simplex water-based fire suppression products.
  • ANSUL, HYGOOD and LPG INERT® and clean agent fire suppression products, including the revolutionary Acoustic Nozzle solution designed for use in data centers.
  • We will work with you to help design and install an enterprise-wide solution that integrates the best fire protection system for your facility.
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security access control

Security and Access Control

In a world where data centers face multiple threats, you may not want to rely on a single product set to safeguard your buildings. As one of the world’s largest security integrators, we can provide any number of class-leading Tyco solutions including security management, video surveillance and integration with your other life-safety systems:

  • Access control and event management through CEM Systems, Kantech and Software House.
  • Intrusion security provided by Bentel Security, DCS, Sur-Gard and Visonic.
  • Video security, including products from American Dynamics, Exacq and Illustra Cameras.
security security
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