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Distributed Energy Storage
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Why Johnson Controls
As a global multi-industrial leader, we have the manufacturing excellence, innovation focus and customer insight to deliver a range of Distributed Energy Storage products including both hardware and software that are designed specifically with building level applications in mind. In addition to our world-class energy storage products, our capabilities include engineering, design, project management, installation, operation and service. Our experience with many building efficiency and energy savings measures enables us to recommend the most viable energy storage solutions, including integration with building automation systems, to obtain maximum benefits.

Johnson Controls Distributed Energy Storage has thousands of kWh in commercial operation on projects across five continents. Find more information on selected projects below.

Case Western Reserve University
Johnson Controls helped Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University transform two older buildings to model the energy grid of the future, as part of the Northern Ohio Building-to-Grid Integration Demonstration, funded by the Department of Energy. We installed our L1000 in-building system for demand charge management, renewable energy support and backup power. (read more)


Clemson University
For a new 70,000-square-foot facility, we integrated energy storage with existing Metasys® building automation system to reduce grid purchases during times of peak cost. The Zucker Family Graduate Education Center can draw power as needed from the L2000 system to reduce expense during times of peak cost. (read more)


Teaching Hospital in the Northeast
Building on lessons learned following Hurricane Sandy, Johnson Controls is helping maintain a resilient power grid with a microgrid installation that supports patient care at one of the teaching hospitals in the Northeast. Ballasted solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the hospital’s campus gathers and stores energy in an onsite containerized battery storage system. During normal operation, the 218 kW PV system pushes energy to the grid and will provide grid regulation services to the grid operator, PJM. In case of a power outage, energy storage provides power to the hospital to maintain a life-safety load.


Renewable Energy Support for a University
Solar-plus-storage installation lets a university buy less power from the grid. Solar panels and a containerized L2000 system manage renewable power on the lower east end of campus. Metasys® building automation controls capture excess energy gathered by the solar panels, then release it at night. Metasys® technology also uses real-time analytics to automatically draw from stored energy during times of peak demand on the grid, further reducing electricity costs.


National Park
Johnson Controls created and commissioned two separate microgrid systems for two sites in a national park. Before this installation, each site was powered by generators only. The goal of the system is to minimize use of the generators, providing power to the grid using mostly PV and battery. The generators function only to charge the batteries and at times when PV and battery cannot meet the load on the system.


Federal Government
Federal government site asked us to reduce its energy footprint, especially electricity costs. At the 11-acre site, we combined solar arrays with onsite modular batteries that can store and release the energy gathered through the PV arrays, which smooths out the ups and downs of solar. The total solution improves lighting, HVAC, building envelope and well water systems and has already reduced energy and water consumption and costs and is on track to exceed renewable energy goals while saving more than $2.2 million a year.