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Distributed Energy Storage
Value of Energy Storage


Distributed energy storage can be part of all kinds of solutions. But how do you make sure you’re taking the approach that creates the most value? Johnson Controls brings you holistic solutions that best fit your application, in front of or behind the meter.

Demand Charge Management

Utilities set your demand charge tariffs based on your peak power use. You also pay more to use power when everyone else is using it. Drawing on stored energy helps you reduce peak power use, and thereby reduce demand charges. And you can use stored energy to shift energy purchases to periods when time-of-use rates are lower. That all adds up to significant savings.

Demand Response

Demand response goes beyond saving money to making money, working in partnership with the energy provider. The utility offers an incentive for you to curtail or defer use during times when demands for power reach a peak. Instead of drawing power from the grid, you use the energy you’ve stored. Johnson Controls solutions make it possible for you to schedule automatic pullbacks in use as well as respond to immediate requests during times of stress on the grid.

Frequency Regulation

The power grid performs a constant balancing act to operate correctly—balancing supply and demand to maintain a 60 Hz frequency. When there’s a sudden shift in the energy load, a rapid response is required to keep everything stable. Stored energy supports an instant, automatic response to any changes in the local system.

Renewable Energy Support

Energy storage helps smooth the ups and downs of renewable energy sources. Capture power when it’s available and release it on demand to more closely match load and grid requirements.

Power Factor Correction

Power factor is the ratio of the power drawn from the grid to the power actually consumed. Ideally, this ratio would be 1 to 1 – your facility would draw exactly the amount of power it uses. In reality, your facility draws power that doesn’t get used – but that you ultimately pay for. Using stored energy reduces the total power delivered to your facility. As you minimize wasted energy, moving the power factor closer to 1, you save money.

Backup Power

If there’s a loss of power from the grid, be it from natural causes, mechanical failure or even attacks by hackers, our distributed energy storage solution ensures you can continue operations. We work with you to determine how many hours of backup power capability should be built into your system.