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Changchun Technology Center

Changchun is known as the automobile capital of China. It is in the northeast of China, famous for its automobile production and movie studio.

The Changchun Technology Center, established in 2002, belongs to our joint venture Changchun Faway-Johnson Controls Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (FJC), located about 30 km from Changchun Longjia Airport.

The FJC Technology Center boasts a total area of 167,000 square feet, including 44,000 square feet Mini JIT plant, 8,600 square feet Test Lab and 9,100 square feet Industrial Design Studio. More than 400 engineering employees make the location one of the three most important research and development centers for Johnson Controls in China. At the same time, it also serves as the development center for FAW interiors. The Technology Center is fully capable of developing and engineering total interiors through its range of capabilities and departments, such as innovation, industrial design, benchmarking, advanced engineering, product development, finite element analysis, comfort lab, prototyping, mold design and full testing facilities. Products developed here include passenger car seating, industrial truck seating, instrument panels, door panels and floor consoles.

FJC serves global and domestic customers including FAW, FAW Volkswagen, FAW TOYOTA, CNHTC and Jilin Auto.


Johnson Controls Automotive Systems CO.,LTD
No.4736 Dong Nan Hu Road
130033, China
Phone: +86 431 88700715
Fax: +86 431 82931744

Road Map

To find your way please download the road map (pdf):

Changchun Development Center