Introducing FreshPer4mance –Best-in-Class Seat Fabric Coating Technology

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Customizable protection against stains, liquids, static and microbes that works with virtually any seating fabric

Johnson Controls introduces an innovative, highly effective, one-stop solution for not only keeping automotive seat fabrics clean, but preventing them from getting dirty in the first place. It’s called FreshPer4mance.

Best-in-class coating for virtually all fabrics

FreshPer4mance is an advanced coating technology that makes any fabric liquid repellant, anti-stain, anti-static and anti-microbial – or any combination thereof. Fabrics coated with FreshPer4mance are easier to keep clean, hygienic and odor free -- even in heavily used commercial vehicles.

Opening up a new world of design possibilities

Because FreshPer4mance works so well with all our materials, automakers and designers can let their imaginations run free and utilize any fabric color – especially lighter colors – to bring to market more distinctive vehicles with greater consumer appeal.
Whatever the fabric construction – flat, 3D, woven – we can apply FreshPer4mance equally effectively.  And, we coat the entire fabric – not just one side – for greater protection and better long-term performance. 

Totally customizable to customer needs

Depending on your target market, you may want your automotive seats to be only stain resistant, or only liquid repellent. Or you may want the full range of protection against liquid, stains, static and microbes. Whatever your needs, we can customize our FreshPer4mance formulation for each product and application to deliver the exact performance you need.

Available now – Worldwide

FreshPer4mance from Johnson Controls has been thoroughly tested and validated and it’s available right now.

Plus, each of our plants in North America, Europe and around the world has made the FreshPer4mance coating capability a standard practice.  As a result, we can deliver FreshPer4mance coated fabrics quickly and more affordably to your plant anywhere around the globe. You don’t have to go to one vendor for the chemical, another for the fabric and yet another to do the coating. Johnson Controls is your one-stop source for superior automotive seat fabric coating.