Introducing Synergy Seat Loft

Increasing vehicle storage while advancing comfort, safety and efficiency is what the all-new Loft seat from Johnson Controls achieves. 

“We know what consumers and automakers want in mid-sized sedans and that was our guide in the development of the Loft seat,” said Beda Bolzenius, president of Johnson Controls Automotive Experience and vice chairman Johnson Controls Asia Pacific. “The results of our research show that the most sought after features in the rear seat for consumers and automakers align. So, we created an innovative solution for our customers that addresses their needs.”

Every two years Johnson Controls creates a seating property, known as Synergy. It showcases our latest capabilities and technologies. For 2015 the goal of Synergy was expanded. Not only was the team planning to incorporate our latest components, but also by collaborating with a passionate extended team, it was able to deliver a more complete offering that reflects our multidisciplinary process that considers the needs of the end consumer, the knowledge of our customer’s product plans and our expansive portfolio.

The Synergy Seat Loft is a second row property based on an entry luxury segment sedan. Design guidelines allowed the team to focus on an emerging trend of the second row as a well-crafted, comfortable area for guests that also provides flexibility for storage when no passengers are in the vehicle.

Once the team had an understanding of the expectations of the end user, it also needed to know what our OEM customers were interested in seeing in a second row seat. For that information, details were pulled from an innovation study and workshop project. During this project members of our Customer Business Units and our OEM customers were interviewed. The data obtained provided the backbone of understanding customer needs, including aspects of product cost and functional expectations. Once this information had been gathered, the team focused on narrowing down our portfolio offerings.

“The team understood that for Synergy to be a success, it required understanding the consumer, the OEM and our product portfolio,” said Dalibor Dimovski, Senior Industrial Designer.
Thanks to the dedicated efforts of all involved, Synergy appears ready to showcase how the many capabilities, process, and people of Johnson Controls can work together to maintain a successful product vision.

Synergy Seat Loft
Synergy Seat Loft
The new Synergy Seat Loft seat features many benefits, including:
  • Maximized leg room and storage space by using thinner seats made with Super Resilient Foam (SuRF). This foam reduces thickness, while optimizing comfort requirements
  • A “Connectivity Console” that provides a multi-level comfort and storage solution with wireless charging USB ports and unique telescoping cup holders
  • Stadium seat cushion and fold-flat seat back options that allow unique reconfigurable long- and short-term hidden storage for increased security for purses and laptop computers
  • Thin head restraints made using new construction methods, so they’re lighter while also meeting required safety standards
  • Sedan-style seatbacks that recline to create a more comfortable passenger space
  • The seat is mounted to a cross-car beam that enables increased functionality, safety and installation options. It allows for simplified drop-in-place seating integration which not only minimizes assembly for the OEM, but also be cost effective and offer expanded uses
  • Unique use of luxury materials, including felt, leather, wood, metal and woven flooring and panels
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