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Corporate Responsibility
Automotive Seating

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supplier Financial Assessments

Johnson Controls Automotive Experience has launched a web-based application to aid in the supplier financial assessment process. This web-based tool will aid the supply chain risk management team to collect and analyze supplier financial information.

We need your cooperation to support the ongoing financial assessment activity. We have contracted with Vontik from KPMG to provide a tool for collecting and analyzing financial data on each of our suppliers. The financial assessment will have to be updated on a quarterly basis. Participation in this program is mandatory for all production and service parts suppliers.

For new users, you will need to sign up directly via the link below to obtain your secured user name and password.

www.Vontik.com - Link to the supplier financial assessment web-based tool.

Supplier Business Continuity

What is Business Continuity? It is the analysis of all risk factors in a business and the development of mitigation strategies to insure that our business and that of our customers can be maintained, with seamless continuity, in spite of those risks. Risks covered as part of business continuity analysis include geographic, geopolitical, unique process, and sub-tier supply risk.

Click on this link to read a letter from the Automtive Experience NA Vice Presidents, Purchasing Business Continuity

Business Continuity Survey

Johnson Controls has released an on-line business continuity survey. The on-line survey allows supplier to complete the questionnaire for each manufacturing site supplying to Johnson Controls. The questionnaire contains 11 questions related to facility, product/process, labor, and sub-supplier risk factors. The business continuity rating will be a method for measuring business continuity risk within our supply base. It will also be used as an input to the supplier scorecard and is a requirement for all suppliers.

Be sure to print and save a copy of your business continuity survey results once you have completed the survey.

Click this link to preview or download the supplier Business continuity survey in PDF format.

Click this link to complete the Business continuity survey