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Annual Validation (PPAP)

Global Supplier Communication

Dear Supplier,

Johnson Controls Automotive Seating is requiring all direct material suppliers to provide the documented evidence that they continue to meet all requirements for their product and process on an annual basis. This requirement can be met by providing Level 3 PPAP documentation (no physical samples). This requirement is clearly defined in Johnson Controls Global Supplier Standards Manual - in the Quality chapter - see below.

Johnson Controls Automotive Experience
Global Supplier Standards Manual
Chapter 4

6.4 Annual Validation Requirement

JCI suppliers shall complete annual validation in order to demonstrate continued adherence to proper engineering levels and performance to design intent. Revalidation may or may not coincide with model year changes. Only test, dimensional and material certification data less than one year old are acceptable for annual revalidation purposes. This annual requirement shall be documented on the supplier’s Control Plan. Suppliers are not required to submit annual packages unless requested by JCI. However, annual documentation should be readily available according to the retention policy described in Section 6.5.

Suppliers are required to upload your latest valid certification for ISO 9001 or TS16949 and ISO 14001 should it be available to the following link.


If you don’t have access then contact your purchasing contact in JCI to request access.

In case you're not registered at the Johnson Controls supplier portal please send a copy of your certificate to the following email address:

The Johnson Controls Quality team appreciates your cooperation in assisting in their effort for on-time completion of the annual validation process.

Thank you,

Jim Pastor
Vice President - Quality, CG Americas
Automotive Experience