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Procurement Initiatives
Automotive Seating

Global ERP Standardization

The Automotive Group of Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) is in the process of enhancing its global standardization as a key enabler to establish common global business processes in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Americas and Asia. A standardized solution is already in use in Johnson Controls' Purchasing and Finance functions and will be extended for Manufacturing, Quality, Logistics and Operations.

All Johnson Controls plants globally will be converted over the next years – so prepare yourself for the upcoming changes listed below.

Already live plants:
Bir El Bay #0917, Tunisia (Electronics) - now a Visteon plant
Bor Pilsen #1769, Czech Republic (Complete Seat JIS)
Ceska Lipa#1432, Czech Republic (Trim)
Ellesmere Port #0099, UK (Seating)
Kecskemét #1198, Hungary (Complete Seat JIS)
Kragujevac #1420, Serbia (Complete Seat JIS)
Lozorno #0493, Slovakia (Complete Seat JIS)
Rockenhausen #1449, Germany (Metals)
Sunderland #0685, UK (Seating)
Valladolid #0337, Spain (Complete Seat JIS)

Key Changes that will Affect Your Company When Supplying Transitioned Facilities:

Johnson Controls will only accept demand and shipment related communication via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The standardized platform to be used will be EDIFACT. Alternatively the Johnson Controls Web EDI solution offered through our new EDI partner GXS can be used

Johnson Controls will implement a global standard for the content and structure of the Advanced Shipping Notice including container, handling unit number / serial number and optional pick up sheet reference.

The Global Transport Label (GTL) will be the standard label format for Johnson Controls moving forward.

The integrated SAP solution will automate our Discrepancy Material Report, Supplier Material Rejection Report and Management Quality Review processes and make them more transparent. Johnson Controls will continue to consolidate all information into the Global Supplier Scorecard.

Background Information

External Supplier Conference Call
Frequently Asked Questions

EDI Specifications-EDIFACT

Johnson Controls Message Guide DELFOR
Johnson Controls Message Guide DELJIT D97A PUS
Johnson Controls Message Guide DELJIT D04B JIS
Johnson Controls Message Guide DESADV D96A
Johnson Controls Message Guide DESADV D07A JIS
EDI Implementation Guide INVOIC UN D96A

Label Specifications

JCI Global Transport Label Requirements

Changes in the Quality Process

Supplier Information on Changed Quality Process
Supplier IPDF Help Guide