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Supplier Sustainability Rating

Johnson Controls has released an on-line supplier sustainability rating.  The on-line survey allows supplier to complete the questionnaire at their convenience.  The questionnaire contains 17 questions related to human rights, working conditions employee safety and energy management.  The sustainability rating will be a method for measuring sustainability activity and compliance with our supply base.  It will also be used as an input to the supplier scorecard. It is a requirement to take the supplier sustainability rating once per year.

1.  In order for the sustainability rating (score) to be transmitted to the supplier’s global supplier scorecard, the supplier must enter the vendor number that is located on their global supplier scorecard.  The vendor number should be entered into the "vendor ID" data field. Suppliers can access their global supplier scorecard through Global Supplier Scorecard database - which is located on the "Applications" page of the supplier portal. 

2.  If the supplier does not have a global supplier scorecard, please enter your vendor name in place of a vendor number.  See example below.




3.  Be sure to print a copy of your survey results when you have completed the sustainability rating for your records.   

Click this link to preview the supplier sustainability rating in PDF format

Click this link to complete the supplier sustainability rating survey