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Procure to Pay (P2P) Process

Procure to Pay (P2P) Process

At Johnson Controls, we continuously strive to make procure to pay a seamless process from point of order to payment, which drives efficiency, effectiveness and enhances our internal controls.  We are focused on compliance to our Procure-to-Pay process, including, providing clear definitions and expectations, while working with our suppliers to follow our processes.

Procure to Pay (purchase to pay or P2P) is the process of obtaining and managing the goods & services needed for manufacturing a product or providing a service. It involves the transactional flow of data that is sent to our supplier partner as well as the data that surrounds the fulfilment of the actual order and payment for the product or service. 

Global Purchase Order / Invoicing Requirements

Johnson Controls mandates suppliers do NOT accept orders or provide goods and services without an official Johnson Controls purchase order (PO) document.

As a Johnson Controls Supplier, you should not process any requests for goods or services from Johnson Controls if you are not provided a PO number or release number up front.

Purchase Order numbers must also be included on all invoices, shipping documents, packages and correspondence sent to Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls requires all supplier invoices, manual or electronic, include a purchase order number for payment. An invoice cannot be paid without the corresponding Johnson Controls provided PO number.

USA and Canada Invoices

Invoice submittal instructions:

Electronic submittal (preferred):

If you are registered to submit invoices electronically, please continue to do so. Please do not submit paper invoices if you are registered, as they will be rejected. If you are not registered for electronic submittal, please continue to send your PDF or paper invoices as you do today.

PDF submittal (preferred):

Please reference your PO for proper remit to email address or you can see the enclosure for the proper email address.

Paper invoices (not preferred):

Please reference your PO for proper remit to address or you can see the enclosure for the proper PO Box.

Link to invoice requirements and Sample Invoice for USA and Canada
Link to North America Remittance PO Box Addresses

If you have any questions regarding your remit address, see contact details per business to the Accounts Payable Helpdesk


Global Payment Expectations (EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer)

Johnson Controls will pay suppliers based on agreed terms that are recorded in the ERP system and communicated on the Johnson Controls purchase order. Electronic Funds Transfer is Johnson Controls required method to pay our suppliers, enabling suppliers to receive payment faster than a mailed check.

North America New or changes to existing EFT instructions

Suppliers must submit EFT requests or changes to their Johnson Controls contact.  In order to complete the request, the following documentation is required:

A) The supplier banking information in one of the three following formats:
Letterhead (with Remit To & Banking Information)     Example:
Banking Information Letterhead
Invoice (with Banking Information)
Email (no generic email accounts)

B) A valid remittance email address used to communicate payment information. Once received, this information will be validated and may warrant a verbal confirmation in addition to the steps above.
Remittance Advice support please contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk.