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Supplier Expectations


Supplier Expectations

In order to achieve the highest quality, Johnson Controls has implemented Six Sigma methodologies throughout our organization. We expect our suppliers to do the same.

Supplier must review its company’s quality performance with respect to DPPM (defective parts per million) and warranty performance and take necessary actions to meet Johnson Controls acceptable Six Sigma level. The 2010 FY goal is for less than 250 dppm for direct material, and a 15% reduction in supplier-related warranty events.

Supplier Quality Policy

Johnson Controls is a company that designs, markets, manufactures, and services products on a competitive global scale. Our products vary from high-volume manufactured parts to one-piece custom-built units. The foundation for our business is quality of our products and services. Though our people, products, and manufacturing techniques vary from country to country and factory to factory, the basic principles underlying sound quality practices do not change.

We all have the goal of producing and delivering high-quality products and services. In some cases in our partnership, we must adopt new disciplines that are practical and provide a consistent continuous improvement roadmap that will enable us to achieve our aggressive quality goals.

The development of capable and robust processes for the delivery of high-quality products depends on a thorough and responsive understanding of our customer requirements which is highly dependent on our supplier’s capability. By consistently applying appropriate best practices and having a thorough and responsive understanding of our customer requirements, our ultimate goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and be recognized as the best global manufacturer and service provider in the world.