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In 1885, long before anyone talks about carbon footprints or climate change, Warren Johnson launches a company to explore new ways to harness and conserve precious energy resources. In doing so, he also launches a tradition of customer-focused innovation—a tradition that has inspired thousands of employees for more than 130 years and that continues to drive the success of Johnson Controls. Even before he founds the firm now known as Johnson Controls, Warren Johnson is the quintessential inventor. His pneumatic tower clocks, electric storage batteries, wireless telegraph business and steam-powered luxury cars and postal service trucks anticipate—and shape—the future.

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Alex Molinaroli is chairman and chief executive officer of Johnson Controls.
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Johnson Controls at the Winter Olympics in Calgary, February 13, 1988

During the 15th Winter Olympic Games held at Calgary, Alberta, which began on February 13, 1988, Johnson Controls' building control systems played a major role in keeping the venues comfortably warm (or cool, if need be) for the athletes, spectators, and media. Company controls were installed at the Canada Olympic Park in five starter houses where judges sat to evaluate the competitors in the bobsled, luge, and ski jump. Control systems were also in the Olympic Hall of Fame and Visitors Center, the Training Center, the Tourist Information Building, and in the Refrigeration Building, where ice was made for the bobsled and luge runs.

In addition, the broadcast facilities for the media (including ABC Sports) were equipped with Johnson temperature controls. Among the 20,000 volunteers at the Olympics were many Calgary branch office employees, who helped direct traffic and monitor the activities. Before the Games even began, Johnson Controls was involved in the Olympic effort as an official sponsor of the U. S. Olympic Team and Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado (where the company had temperature control systems as well).