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Ethics and Compliance

Ethics at Johnson Controls

Throughout our history, Johnson Controls has conducted business with integrity. Our dedication to "do the right thing" improves our long-term business performance, reputation, productivity and employee retention.
George Oliver, Johnson Controls President and Chief Operating Officer
Integrity and ethics
Integrity is at the center of everything we do at Johnson Controls. Our Company’s ongoing success stems from our deeply engrained culture of ethics and integrity. Acting with integrity allow us to meet the high expectations of our customers, partners and communities, and gives us a competitive advantage. Doing business with integrity is the only way to do business.
The Ethics Policy applies to everyone at Johnson Controls – including the Board of Directors, company officers, employees, agents and contract workers.
Integrity every day
Values First – Johnson Controls Code of Ethics
Integrity Helpline
  • Report actual or suspected violations of Johnson Controls Code of Ethics or the law to the Integrity Helpline. The Integrity Helpline is managed by an independent third-party provider.
Human Rights & Sustainability Policy