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Lead-acid Battery Products

Enhanced Flooded Battery Products

Johnson Controls offers enhanced flooded battery (EFB) products that deliver superior reliability and performance compared to standard lead-acid batteries. Our batteries are built to meet customers’ individual needs and are manufactured in facilities throughout the world — wherever our customers need them.

EFB Products

EFB products support applications that operate at a partial state of charge and don’t require the deep-cycling characteristics of an absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery. Benefits include:

  • More than twice the partial state of charge and deep-cycling performance of conventional batteries.
  • Support for a high number of engine starts and extended engine-off periods.
  • Improved charge acceptance compared to conventional flooded batteries.
  • Designs available that improve thermal stability for use in engine compartments and hot climates.
  • Ideal for start-stop vehicle technologies with limited energy regeneration.
  • In addition, our EFB products are built with PowerFrame® grid technology.