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Lithium-ion Products

Lithium-Ion Battery Products

Johnson Controls offers a portfolio of lithium-ion battery technology for a range of vehicles. And with our global manufacturing facilities, we're able to provide lithium-ion batteries that meet customers' power and energy needs around the world.

Our flexible technology solutions are designed to meet differing capacity, voltage and amp hour requirements. A modular architecture makes our lithium-ion batteries powerful and versatile. Using either cylindrical or prismatic cells, we design every battery to integrate into a variety of vehicles with different space and energy requirements.

Batteries for Advanced Start-stop Vehicles

Our system for advanced start-stop vehicles combines a high-power, 12 volt lithium-ion battery with a 12 volt lead-acid battery to deliver 5–8 percent fuel economy improvement over conventional vehicles.

Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Our latest generation high-voltage, hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery system delivers improved electric driving range and up to 20–40 percent greater fuel economy than conventional vehicles.
Batteries for Micro-hybrid Vehicles

Our 48 volt battery system for micro-hybrid vehicles is used with 48 volt motor and electronics to deliver up to 15 percent fuel economy over conventional vehicles at a fraction of the cost of a full hybrid.

Batteries for Plug In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Our lithium-ion products for plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) enable extended electric driving range, with fuel savings of more than 40 percent for PHEVs and 100 percent for EVs compared to conventional vehicles.
Batteries for Specialty Solutions
Batteries for Specialty Solutions
We make low- and high-voltage lithium-ion battery systems — complete with cells, cell modules and battery management systems — for specialty applications.