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Metasys Software

Advanced Reporting System

The Advanced Reporting System for Better Data Reporting Capabilities

The Metasys® Advanced Reporting System (ARS) is an optional feature of the Extended Application and Data Server (ADX) that provides enhanced data reporting capabilities. ARS enables authorized users to run reports to review the configuration and performance of the Metasys® system. These reports are easy to view in a web browser and you can export and save reports in a variety of formats. Energy Essentials is an ARS add-on that transforms stored energy data into meaningful reports to help you increase efficiency and save money.

Features and Benefits

ARS provides the following reports:

  • Configuration Setup Review
  • System Behavior
  • Trend Report – statistical calculations and Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)
  • Trend Detail Report – summary data

Energy Essentials add-on provides the following reports:

  • Big Picture Energy: a single high-level report that includes normalized source energy use.
  • Consumption: similar to Big Picture Energy, a report that offers another level of detail on energy use in the default units of each energy type.
  • Electrical Energy: a report focused on electrical energy information, including usage, peak demand, reactive power, and power factor.
  • Production: a report focused on the energy that your site produces, including efficiency. For example, this report lets you see the true efficiency of your natural gas generator.
  • Simple Energy Cost: a cost-based report, offering an easy-to-configure, high-level view of energy costs.
  • Load Profile: a report focused on the daily demand profile, containing key information for developing strategies to minimize and defer peaks.

Equipment Runtime: a report dedicated to the hours of runtime for equipment that typically represents a large percentage of overall usage. This report also includes the number of equipment starts for the reporting period.

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Philadelphia, PA, US
When school officials at Central Bucks School District wanted to trim budgets, they insisted that nothing compromise the learning environment. Through a performance contract with Johnson Controls, school officials say they already are saving $1.5-2M in utility costs annually.
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