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Update Your System with the Latest in Enterprise-Level Communication

Metasys® Network Integration Engines fulfill a critical role as web-enabled network controllers that use the latest advances in information technology to ensure the Metasys system easily integrates and connects to the expanding world of browsers and remote operations centers. NIEs transfer point data from one or more Network Communication Modules to seamlessly provide alarm management, event management, energy management, and trending, scheduling and data sharing capabilities.

Features and Benefits
  • Communication with N1 Networks Using Commonly Accepted IT Standards at the Automation and Enterprise Levels – Allows you to install a system on your existing IT infrastructure within a building or enterprise and integrate it with the existing N1 network using standard IT communication services over the company intranet, wide area network, or public Internet with firewall protection.
  • Web-Based User Interface – Allows you to access system data in the NIE from any supported web browser device connected to the network, including remote users connected by dial-up telephone or an Ethernet connection.
  • User Interface and Online System Configuration Software Embedded in NIE – Lets you enable, configure, commission, archive data, monitor, command, and perform system diagnosis from any device by using a web browser, without the need for separate workstation software.
  • Site Director Function in One NIE or One NAE, or in an Application and Data Server (ADS) for Large Installations – Allows you to access all data on one site through one device. The Site Director coordinates the display of data from multiple NIE and NAE devices for easy navigation through the entire site.
  • Site Management Portal System Configuration Software Embedded in NIE – Gives you password-protected access to system configuration, monitoring, commanding anddiagnosis from any device with web browser software without the need for separate workstation software.
  • Scalable System Integration Solution for Integrating and Migrating Metasys N1 Networks – Integrates N1 devices in one building, a network of small buildings, or multiple N1 networks in a large building complex, providing new technology while protecting existing investment using the scalable line of NIEs.
  • Mapping Capability of N1 Data Types Including Analog, Binary, Multistate and Control System Objects, and Access to Scheduling Feature – Allows you to perform all day-by-day operations for an integrated N1 network from the web-enabled Metasys Site Management Portal user interface.
  • Trending, Totalization, and Alarm Functions Automatically Regenerated in the Metasys System – Protects functionality and data recording capabilities, and fully integrates processing, presentation, and storage of N1 network data in the web-enabled system.
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