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Wall Mount Temperature Sensor

Humidity Transmitter with Temperature Sensor

Wall Mount HE-6800 Series

The HE-6800 Series Humidity Transmitter has a manual override PB allows the occupant to control the space temperature. This feature allows the end user to signal the controller that the space is occupied after hours or on weekends. An LED is standard for all models. When used with a VMA12 or VMA14 Series Controller, the green LED displays the current operating mode of that controller: On = Occupied, Off = Unoccupied, and Flashing =Standby.

The controller compatibility DIP switch programs the HE-6800 Series Humidity Transmitter to:

The DIP switch matches the PB and LED indication with features recognized by more recent Johnson Controls® controllers. Specifically, the DIP switch allows for matching controller features to disable the occupancy LED and/or PB. The HE-6800 Series Humidity Transmitter also features a 0 to 10 VDC or 0 to 5 VDC selector DIP switch and a power supply selection DIP switch. The VDC output selector switch enables you to change the output for % RH. The power supply DIP switch enables you to use the transmitter in high input voltage applications (such as 24 VAC). The HE-6800 Series Humidity Transmitter has terminal block wiring connections, and includes a selection of a 1000-ohm nickel, 1000-ohm platinum, or 10,000-ohm thermistor temperature sensing element. The unit can be used with Application Specific Controllers (ASCs) or for universal applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Controller Configuration DIP Switch allows users to adjust the room comfort and choose occupancy features that match the application and transmitter
  • Power Supply Selection Switch enables transmitter use in high input voltage applications
  • User-Selectable Humidity Output provides either 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC output for compatibility with various controllers
  • Occupancy Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Indicator displays the controller’s current operating mode (VMA12 and VMA14 Series only)
  • Manual Override Pushbutton (PB) overrides time-of-day scheduling when the space is occupied outside of normal occupied hours schedule
  • Warmer/Cooler Setpoint Dial (Select Models) allows for minor temperature adjustments from the setpoint
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