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Thermostat Sensor

Networked Sensors

NS Series

NS Series Network Sensors are designed to function directly with Metasys system Field Equipment Controllers (FECs), Input/Output Modules (IOMS), Variable Air Volume (VAV) Modular Assembly (VMA16) Controllers, and Facility Explorer FX-PC Series Programmable Controllers (FX-FCGs, FX-PCVs, and FX-PCXs).

Most NS Series Network Zone Sensors monitor room temperatures, however some also monitor zone humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), local temperature setpoint adjustments and other variables. This data is transmitted to a controllers on the Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus.

NS Series Network Zone Sensors include models with temperature setpoint dial and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), allowing occupants to the zone temperature, Relative Humidity (RD), and view and adjust the zone temperature setpoint. Some models include a push button to toggle between temperatures on RH on display. A fan mode push button helps set the desired fan speed from auto, off, low, medium and high. An occupancy override function helps signal the controller the zone is occupied to override scheduled mode.

Features and Benefits
  • BACnet Master-Slave/Token Passing (MS/TP) protocol communication provides compatibility with Metasys system field controllers and Facility Explorer programmable controllers in proven communication network
  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) available on some models, providing real time status of environment with backlighting activated during user interaction
  • Simple temperature setpoint adjustment available on some models, allowing to change setpoint with turn of a dial
  • Temporary occupancy on some models provide a timed override command, temporarily initiating an alternate mode
  • Field selectable default display setting on some models allows user to toggle between temperature and RH on display, setting desired default for continuous viewing
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius (F/C) button available on some models- toggles display temperature between degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius

Network Room 2.75” x 14.5” Wall Plate Temperature Sensor Bacnet: NS-FTN-7003-2

Network Sensor Surface Mounted No Display: NS-ATN700x-x, NS ATP700x-x

Network Sensor Wall-box Mounted No Display: NS-BTN700x-x, NS-BTP700x-x

Network Sensor Surface Mounted With Display: NS-ATA700x-x, NS-ATB700x-x, NS-ATC700x-x, NS-ATD700x-x, NS-ATV700x-x

Network Sensor Wall-box Mounted With Display: NS-BTB700x-x, NS-BTV700x-x

  • Installation Bulletin

Discharge Air Temperature Only: NS-DTN70x3-0

  • Installation Bulletin
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