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Non-Programmable and Seven-Day-Programmable Fan Coil Thermostats

T701DFN-4 and T701DFP-4
The T701DFN-4 Non-Programmable and T701DFP-4 Seven Day Programmable Fan Coil Thermostats provide simple-to-use control of two- or four-pipe fan coil units. These fan coil thermostats provide on and off control, three speeds of fan control, and dry contact unoccupied control. The thermostats are designed as stand-alone devices for use in commercial buildings, such as schools and hotels, and provide the user access to parameters such as system mode, fan mode, and temperature setpoints
Features and Benefits
  • Controls Most Fan Coil Unit Systems—Providing efficient asset management and flexibility.
  • Non-Programmable (T701DFN-4) and Seven Day Programmable (T701DFP-4) Versions—Make operation as simple as you want it to be.
  • Up to Three Programmable Occupied Periods Per Day (T701DFP-4 Only)—Reduce operating expenses by controlling the room based on occupant schedules.
  • Dual Setpoint with Adjustable Deadband—Provides comfort without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Manages 2- or 4-Pipe Systems—Enabling one thermostat to control all your fan coil unit needs.
  • Auto-Changeover for 2-Pipe Systems with Pipe Sensor—Minimizes seasonal maintenance.
  • Remote Sensor Ready—Supports outside temperature sensors or duct temperature sensors.
  • Dry Contact Equipped—Supports occupancy sensors or central time clocks.
  • Electric Heat Ready—Supports auxiliary or exclusive electric heating.
  • T701DFP-4 Seven Day Programmable Fan Coil Thermostat.
  • Backlit Display—Makes operation easy in the dark.
  • Configurable Display—Shows heating and cooling setpoints and room temperature simultaneously.
  • Temperature in °F or °C—Senses on your terms.
  • Keypad Lockout—Enforces setpoint energy policies by preventing tampering with the digital room thermostat settings in public spaces.
  • Non-Volatile Memory—Retains program settings and setpoints during a power outage.
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