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Metasys Software

Metasys® Building Automation Graphics

Enhance Your Building Control through High Quality Graphics

At Johnson Controls, the evolution of Metasys® continues to spur the evolution of our graphics. We currently offer graphics in three formats: standard graphics, advanced graphics, and Graphics+. Standard Graphics is the default package used to design graphics in a scalable, vector-based format. Our Advanced Graphics Application is for more advanced graphics, like those with animation and changing colors. Graphics+ graphics are designed with the Graphic Generation Tool (GGT) – a powerful diagraming tool that helps designers create compelling representations and bind them to data objects.

Features and Benefits
  • Thermographic Display of Temperature Conditions of a Floor – Summarizes in a glance the status of the monitored space. Specific colors, customizable by the user, convey each status.
  • Easy and Consistent Access to Room Information – Provides information critical to controlling a space in a single graphical window. View information without ever leaving the floor plan graphic.
  • Summary Data of Multiple Buildings in a Single Graphical View with Navigational Aids – Lets you easily assess the status of the entire complex, with the ability to investigate specific buildings or floors in need of attention.
  • Ability to Quickly and Easily Switch from Tabular to Graphical Views – Satisfies the viewing preferences of any user. The graphic view lets you send commands to a specific zone or room, while the tabular view lets you send global commands to an entire floor.
  • Stand-Alone Graphic Generation Tool – Lets users create graphics offline using an archive database, or online when connected to the Metasys® Site Director. Saving and opening a graphic is a seamless process. Graphic elements are bound directly to Metasys items.
  • Extensive Library of Prebuilt Dynamic Symbols and Templates – Enables fast and cost-effective graphic development and implementation using a set of dynamic elements and templates in a contemporary, photorealistic design.
  • Dynamic Symbol Capabilities, Including Commanding, Flashing, Changing Color, Showing and Hiding Elements, Navigation, and Context Menus, for Enhanced User Experience – Provide the ability to create dynamic building data representations using a rich set of effects in order to communicate more information in the same amount of space on a graphic.
  • HVAC Library Elements Pre-Populated with Aliased Binding Strings – Improves productivity for creating graphics when standard naming conventions are used. Any Metasys item defined in the database can be bound to a graphic element.
  • Historical Trend Information Available Directly within a Graphic – Allows a faster and more complete diagnosis of building and system conditions.
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) File Import Capability – Provides an automated method of importing and converting industry-standard building elevation and floor plan files for use in graphics.
  • Right-Click Functions, Short-Cut Keys, and User-Configurable Symbols Properties – Reduce the number of mouse clicks required for some of the simple operations in assembling high-quality graphics.
  • Comprehensive Representation of Facility Support Systems – Allows building operators to easily monitor the condition of the facility using a real-world, intuitive interface.
  • Multiple Language Support – Enables the sale of the product to many different markets throughout the world.
  • Optimal Graphics Display Performance – Allows users to view data-linked equipment and floor plan graphics within seconds in the Site Management Portal (SMP) and the Ready Access Portal.
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