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Facility Explorer - Exceptional Environments

The easiest choice in building automation just got easier.

The Facility Explorer® building automation system evaluates, analyzes and optimizes a building’s indoor environment. This powerful and scalable building automation system is thoughtfully engineered by Johnson Controls to ensure excellent performance. Using exceptional methods that are efficient, thoughtful and reliable, Facility Explorer is easy to estimate, order and install. In other words, it’s the BAS that creates exceptional environments.
See Facility Explorer in action.
There’s no better person to demo Facility Explorer than Johnson Controls Senior Product Manager, Chris Lane. With product features like summarizing point information across multiple devices, scheduling occupancy and adding trends and alarms, the benefits of Facility Explorer to the end user are nearly limitless. Plus, mobile graphics allow operators to use their tablets or phones to access the system from anywhere.

The BAS that’s
compatible and reliable.
An Facility Explorer expert will show you the highlights of the latest Facility Explorer release. You'll learn more about some of the benefits of the newest, most powerful supervisory controller, including how to order for success and what makes Facility Explorer so easy to engineer, estimate, order and install.

Facility Explorer - Exceptional Environments

Discover the BAS that creates exceptional environments.

Contact a Johnson Controls representative for information on Facility Explorer.
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contact a Johnson Controls representative for more information.