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Applying ECM Fan Technology in Air Handling Units
ECM (electronically commutated motor) fans offer advantages that should influence your air handling system design strategy. This webinar will explain the technology, identify the advantages, and describe their application in air handling systems. Customer benefits will be highlighted as we compare ECM fans to alternative fan types.
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Resources for Air Handling Units

Acoustics Expertise
What’s the connection between sound and productive indoor spaces? Get a glimpse inside our world-class acoustics testing facility to understand the many benefits of this proprietary technology.
Air Handling Units
Increase the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system with YORK® Air Handling Units. When it comes to creating the right air-handling unit for your building environment, you shouldn’t have to choose between one-size fits all and reinventing the wheel. We offer two different approaches to meet all your needs.
Permanent Magnet ECM Fans for Air Handling Units
YORK® is the first air handling manufacturer to provide permanent magnet ECM motors with both integral fans and variable speed drives (VSD) as a standard offering across all our lines – from the most basic air handling unit to complex, fully custom systems.