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Choosing the Right Oil-Free Chiller Bearing
Less complex chiller design choices mean easier maintenance and longer equipment life. Learn how chiller bearing technologies are changing the landscape of chiller operation and efficiency, including discussions around oil-free chiller bearing options, capabilities, and benefits.
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The Future of Chilled Water Plants and Waterside Economizers

Is it possible to replace a chiller and waterside economizer with a single chiller? Can hundreds of thousands of dollars be saved by using just a single chiller? An engineering study by Taylor Engineering explored these questions by evaluating the performance and economics of operating a chiller paired with a waterside economizer compared to a YORK YMC2 chiller in inverted duty. 

Magnetic bearings offer superior reliability and performance
Not all oil-free centrifugal chillers are created equal. When designing and selecting a chiller, technology choices like compressor bearings can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and chiller operations.   
Introducing the all-new YORK® YMC2 chiller
The YMC2 chiller is exceptionally dependable because its advanced oil-free magnetic bearing technology features fewer moving parts. The chiller’s integral design offers a lower overall cost of ownership—competitive first cost, low maintenance and operating costs, and it's the most efficient chiller in its class. The YMC2 chiller goes where no chiller has gone before, making it the smartest chiller investment you will make.  
Variable Speed Drives
A more efficient chiller is a major step along the path to reduce energy consumption and the building’s carbon footprint. No constant-speed chiller, not even a high efficiency model, can match the performance of a YORK® VSD under real-world operating conditions.
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