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Smart Equipment
Smart Equipment by Johnson Controls signals the next generation of HVAC equipment technology

You can rely on Smart Equipment to seamlessly connect to a controls system. The equipment can self-identify without requiring programming tools. When you bundle Smart Equipment with a controls system, you can connect data streams from equipment to the cloud allowing unprecedented insights into operations.

The Smart Equipment logo signifies connectivity and intelligence.

  • Equipment already has controls embedded by the manufacturer and can connect seamlessly to a controls systems.
  • On-board controls support cloud-based data analytics, including fault detection, to support proactive maintenance and minimize downtime. 
  • Smart Equipment helps maximize control for greater efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.

See our Smart Equipment enabled products

Chiller Unit
Smart Chillers
We offer a variety of Smart Equipment enabled chillers. See our complete chiller product line.
L2 Rooftop Units
Smart Rooftop Units
A variety of Rooftop Units come Smart Equipment enabled, allowing users to easily connect their systems.
Smart Connected Chillers
When Smart Equipment helps put data in the hands of experts, facilities can uncover new levels of savings and efficiency.

Seamlessly connect to a control or building automation system