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Commercial Refrigeration Controls

PENN® Controls Products – Control What’s Important

For nearly a century, PENN® control products have helped customers control the things that are most important. Our legacy and passion for commercial refrigeration has fueled us to develop smarter and more sophisticated control products and solutions. Through our complete range of products, you can control your equipment’s temperature, pressure and air flow.

You can count on our rugged construction, precision engineering, breadth of selection and ongoing product support. When your livelihood relies on dependable control, PENN delivers the peace of mind and the freedom to control your world.  

Multi-Stage Electromechanical Temperature Controls
Multi-Stage Electronic Temperature Controls
Single-Stage Electromechanical Temperature Controls
Single-Stage Electronic Temperature Controls

Electromechanical Lube Oil and Differential Pressure Controls
Single-Stage Electronic Pressure Controls
Standard Electromechanical Pressure Controls
Temperature Control Sensors and Accessories

Liquid Level and Flow Controls
Pressure Sensors and Accessories
Electronic Lube Oil and Differential Pressure Controls
Refrigerant Sensors/Monitors

Motor Speed Controls
Relays and Transformers
Valve and Valve Accessories
System 450 Control Series
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Quick Response Expansion Valve (QREV) with Precision Superheat Controller (PSHC)
Together, the QREV with the PSHC form an electronic solution that will maximize evaporator efficiency and save energy by maintaining target superheat, regardless of outside conditions. The unique silicon-based MEMS technology provides an extremely fast-acting expansion valve. The PSHC is versatile and can accept any of 17 different refrigerants for easy commissioning.
A525 Series Electronic Refrigeration Controllers with Adaptive Defrost

Manage cooling, defrost, alarms, communications and costs with the A525 refrigeration controller. It offers a wide range of options that allow for customized control functions. A scrolling display provides walk-through instructions for each step of the setup process, using plain language. 

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>Contact us about PENN® Commercial Refrigeration Controls Products

Call (866) 319-6877