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Learn more about the PENN family of products
A525 Series Electronic Refrigeration Controllers with Adaptive Defrost

Manage cooling, defrost, alarms, communications and costs with the A525 refrigeration controller. It offers a wide range of options that allow for customized control functions. A scrolling display provides walk-through instructions for each step of the setup process, using plain language. 

A421 Electronic Temperature Control with Off-Cycle Defrost

The new A421 Series Electronic Temperature Controls have advanced control features for more application versatility. The easy-to-use push button programming menu is highlighted, including the basic and advanced menus. Integrated off-cycle defrost and interval timer models are available.

The PENN Family of Pressure and Temperature Controls

Learn more about the PENN family of pressure and temperature controls, including the Encapsulated Pressure Controls, Electromechanical Pressure Controls, and Electronic Pressure and Temperature Controls.

System 450™ Series Modular Electronic Controls

The System 450 modular electronic controls are best known for their versatility. They can handle spaces with multiple conditions because each control module accepts three inputs – temperature, humidity and/or pressure, in any combination. System 450 is ideal for a wide range of HVAC/R applications. The video features just a few of the possibilities.

Quick Response Expansion Valve (QREV) with Precision Superheat Controller (PSHC)
Together, the QREV with the PSHC form an electronic solution that will maximize evaporator efficiency and save energy by maintaining target superheat, regardless of outside conditions. The unique silicon-based Microelectro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology provides an extremely fast-acting expansion valve. The PSHC is versatile and can accept any of 17 different refrigerants for easy commissioning.