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Johnson Controls LED Roadway Lighting Perspective

There has been a great deal of discussion lately from a variety of organizations surrounding the safety and effectiveness of LED exterior roadway lighting. Some organizations such as the American National Standards Institute, the Illuminating Engineering Society and International Electrotechnical Commission have developed recommended practices and standards which are followed by the building and lighting communities. These recommended practices are often adopted by states and municipalities and turned into building codes.


Others such as the American Medical Association do not develop building or lighting standards for construction, but have provided their own set of guidelines that focus on potential impact to human health. Debate surrounding blue light content, night sky protection and other exterior lighting issues is ongoing and has been around for decades. Consensus will likely not be reached for some time. Until such time, Johnson Controls will continue to follow industry standards and best practices. The good news is that LED lighting gives our customers greater design flexibility and energy efficiency than was available before while balancing other factors such as health, safety, effective visibility and the environment. 


Johnson Controls can design the optimum lighting system with the objective of accommodating varying customer requirements such as enhanced visual acuity for roadways and night sky protection, while minimizing light trespass in residential and animal protected areas. 


We use a variety of tools and technology to ensure the customer is provided safety and the most effective lighting system possible. Some of these tools include: 

  • A variety of light color preferences: 3,000K when a yellow tint is preferred, 4,000K when a daylight or neutral white tint is preferred and 5,000K or higher when requested and permitted
  • Filters that provide only the required light for a particular area or time
  • Adaptive controls
  • Shields or optics that can minimize unwanted light in a specific direction
  • Advanced dimming
  • Reduced glare luminaires
  • Customer driven designs that accommodate varying light level needs.      


The debate surrounding LED roadway lighting will continue. In the interim, Johnson Controls will continue to offer safe, value-driven lighting solutions with customer needs at the center.