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Technology Contracting

Buildings are huge investments. Particularly in mission-critical environments where the efficiency and integration of systems can substantially affect the occupants’ business performance. Taking an enterprise-wide approach to technology enhances integration, optimizes technology usage and maximizes budgets, ensuring building technology fulfills its promise and building owners realize their vision.
Watch how we used the Technology Contracting process with the Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.
There’s demand for a new, innovative way to construct a smarter, more optimized and efficient building. And it’s vital to consider the role technology will play – at the outset and long-term.  

Taking a holistic view of the building’s systems, Johnson Controls will design and deliver a converged technology solution to support your business objectives.  With Technology Contracting,™ we act as the single point of responsibility for the design, integration, installation and service of the building’s technology, creating an optimized infrastructure, while reducing risk, minimizing change orders, and meeting budget and deadline.
Features and Benefits
  • Integrated approach to technology design and implementation reduces risk, minimizes change orders, and meets budgets and deadlines.
  • Reducing construction costs saves on capital.
  • An optimized infrastructure cuts installation costs as well as lifecycle costs, reducing implementation costs up to 8-12%.
  • We manage multiple contractors, and take sole responsibility for making the technology work.
  • Technology independent integrator works with a market-leading group of innovative partners to create the connected environment that meets objectives.
  • Operations optimized before buildings are occupied.
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Harness the brainpower of our Partner Ecosystem

Constructing a smarter, more optimized and efficient building means making informed, data-driven decisions early in the process. And since our Building Wide Systems Integration business is Powered By Brains, we’re smart enough to know we can’t do this on our own. 

We work with a market-leading group of innovative partners to bring proven, repeatable, best-in-class technologies to our new construction, retrofit or technology refresh projects.

Partnership to Develop Innovative Technical Approach
The new facility incorporates an unprecedented level of technology to improve patient care, reduce human error, and improve patient, visitor and staff safety while providing operating efficiencies to effectively manage costs. The hospital embraced Johnson Controls Technology Contracting to leverage clinical, business and building systems, and infrastructure design to positively impact clinical care.
Oxford High School Connects Students and Technology
The vision: a one-to-one connected digital learning environment. Campus-wide Wi-Fi, streaming video, 70” LED screens in every classroom, and laptops for every student. To bring the vision to life, Oxford employed the Johnson Controls Technology Contracting™ model. Funding was available because of lower first costs and reduced ongoing operational and utility expenses.

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