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State Government News and Insights

People expect state and provincial government to provide them with quality services, while keeping taxes down. When the government is the biggest landlord – from outstate park buildings to complex urban centers – it means addressing multiple challenges. We can partner with you to effectively upgrade and manage your facilities, optimize and service equipment, and network systems.
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Funding Performance Infrastructure Improvements

Investing in infrastructure promotes economic growth by attracting more businesses and more jobs, sends a positive message to public employees, and shows voters that tax dollars are used wisely.

Case Studies

The Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) operates 25 facilities across the Hoosier state and is nationally recognized for its innovative programs and commitment to inmate training. In 2011, the American Correctional Association awarded IDOC its Golden Eagle Award, recognizing “the highest commitment to excellence in correctional operations and the dedication of these agencies to enhancing public safety and the well-being of incarcerated individuals.”
The Hawaii Department of Transportation takes unprecedented steps to improve airports, highways and harbors
Hawaii’s Department of Transportation entered a strategic and technical partnership with Johnson Controls.

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