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Global Directory

AHR 2017
"The Rooftop" Presentation Theater
Product/Offering Presenter Subject/Description Date/Time
EcoAdvance™ Amol Joshi YORK® EcoAdvance™: Increase Indoor Air Quality, While Reducing Energy Costs
YORK EcoAdvance is the first advancement of its kind that utilizes filtration technology with an HVAC system to automate air flow and intake into new and existing buildings. Learn how EcoAdvance works and enables a payback period of less than two years.
Monday, 1/30, 1:35-1:55pm
Verasys™ Ham Daneshmand, Sr. Product Manager, Smart Equipment
Robb Snawerdt, Product Manager, Smart Equipment
Verasys™: Making Buildings Smarter by Optimizing Equipment
Take advantage of a new level of insight into building operations and provide facilities that better serve occupants. Seamlessly connect a vast array of equipment to Verasys™ without any special programming tools. See how Verasys takes advantage of Smart Equipment™ from Johnson Controls or any manufacturer to help to keep your occupants comfortable, productive and safe.
Monday, 1/30, 10:15-10:35am
Grinnell Frank Pluszik, Sr. Leader, Global Mechanical Services New GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit® - A smarter, faster way to build
Introducing the new GRINNELL Mechanical Suite for Revit®, a powerful, time-saving add-on for AutoDesk® Revit®. More and more, construction industry contractors and owners are discovering the time- and cost-saving benefits of smart modeling technology. This innovative new add-on for Revit® enables users to create a virtual piping project that will perform as a grooved piping system.
Monday, 1/30, 10:55-11:15am
Women in HVAC Dr. Romila Singh Stemming the Tide: Why do Women Leave Engineering and Technical Roles?
Research discussion from National Science Foundation (NSF) funded study and groundbreaking report, “Stemming the Tide”, about female engineers’ persistence and turnover in technical roles.
Monday, 1/30, 11:35-11:55am
Metasys® Joe Stump, Director Channel Sales, Controls Why Make it Harder for Yourself? Simple Controls Hacks
Let our controls experts provide you simple ways for you to get the most out of your investments now, including the power of buying factory-packaged controls, going wireless, panel solutions and more.
Monday, 1/30, 12:15-12:35pm
AHUs Rob Tanner Acoustiweir™ - Noise Reduction Without Compromise
If you think quieter air handling means adding significant unit length and pressure drop, think again. We’ll show you how Acoustiweir™ from YORK® can reduce air handling unit discharge sound without compromise.
Monday, 1/30, 12:55-1:15pm
Smart Buildings Panel Where Smart Meets Sustainable
The intersection of intellengence anad efficiency is increasingly important for buildings. Learn from our panel of experts.
Monday, 1/30, 2:15-2:45pm
Women in HVAC Moderated by Marta Newhart, VP of Communications, Johnson Controls Everyone’s Job: Men Mentoring Men on Diversity in HVAC
Panel discussion featuring industry leaders on the critical role of men to hire, develop, and retain women in HVAC.
Monday, 1/30, 3:00-3:20pm
VRF Marco Verdugo and Shawn Schubert Fast and simple VRF system integration into any BAS
Learn about the new Johnson Controls VRF Smart Gateway, delivering unprecedented control for network management centers. This small, yet powerful, gateway brings data for all YORK VRF or Hitachi SmartFlex VRF system components into a BAS for comprehensive control of the entire system. Best of all, data is available in the format you want, on–demand from any connected device.
Monday, 1/30, 3:35-3:55pm
Quantech™ Curtis Rager Quantech™ Scope Expansion
The Quantech product line is expanding! Learn about the new product offerings - the QTC4 up to 350T, Water Cooled Chillers/Remote/Condenser, and the QTC2 and QTC3 Condensing Unit.
Monday, 1/30, 4:15-4:35pm
Smart Connected Chillers Juliet Pagliaro-Herman, Director of Service Marketing & Product Management, Systems & Services North America
David Bishop, Director, Service Operations, Systems & Services North America
Leveraging IoT Technologies for Improved Service
Using advanced technology can help remove challenges in operating a chiller plant. In this session, discover a cost-effective, proactive approach to chiller maintenance with predictive and IoT technologies. Learn about the different methods of fault detection and diagnostics and what you could expect if you took a more strategic approach to maintenance.
Monday, 1/30, 4:55-5:15pm
Chillers Craig Campbell, Product Manager Why Oil-free Chillers are Not Created Equal
Oil-free chiller operation is achievable through magnetic bearings or refrigerant lubricated ceramic ball bearings. This session will review the differences between these technologies and identify which is best to utilize for oil-free chiller operation.
Monday, 1/30, 5:35-5:55pm
BlueStream™ Tom Carter A Cooling Tower’s Best Friend: Reduce Water Use Up To 80 Percent
The BlueStream™ Hybrid Cooling System, a new industry-leading solution, reduces water consumption in traditional cooling tower systems up to 80 percent. See how this new solution maintains peak process output and energy efficiency, even on the hottest summer days, and reduces water use and operating costs.
Tuesday, 1/31, 1:00-1:20pm
PENN® Mike Glenn Optimal Evaporator Performance Starts with PENN®
Learn about the new Penn Quick Response Expansion Valve with Precision Superheat Controller (QREV with PSHC), exciting new technology that quickly modulates refrigerant flow for precise control of your superheat. This simple to install and configure closed loop control system will improve the performance of your system under all loads and conditions.
Tuesday, 1/31, 1:40-2:00pm
Women in HVAC Moderated by Cheryl Kern, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Johnson Controls Coolest Women in the World: Stories of success in HVAC
Each woman’s journey is unique, but the lessons learned along the way are universal. Hear from women who broke through barriers to realize career success in the HVAC industry.
Tuesday, 1/31, 11:00-11:20am
UPG/Residential Jedidiah Bentz, Director Advanced Technology Team Connected Home
The home automation industry is booming! Learn about the products and players, the customer and how they are currently being served, and how the HVAC channel is poised to take the lead in selling and installing solutions for a connected home.
Tuesday, 1/31, 11:40am-12:00pm
Verasys™ Ham Daneshmand, Sr. Product Manager, Smart Equipment
Robb Snawerdt, Product Manager, Smart Equipment
Verasys™: A Smarter Way to Transform Your Business
Learn about our customers' experience with Verasys™ Controls System. This new system has transformed their HVAC systems, starting with the testing process and ease of installation to how they are managing their building and equipment performance. They’re seeing benefits, such as maximized energy savings, reduced installed and operating costs, and simple user experiences.
Tuesday, 1/31, 12:20-12:40pm
Quantech™ Craig Holder Quantech™ – Why the #1 Choice for the Chiller Replacement Market
When a chiller is mission-critical, get the right unit there quickly, the replacement sale is yours. How Quantech’s air-cooled chillers – efficient and reliable with features you want are on site in 2-5 days.
Tuesday, 1/31, 2:20-2:40pm
Facility Explorer® Greg Willmer Facility Explorer® Appliance: Extending Niagara
Facility Explorer (FX) leverages the strength of the Niagara platform. But it’s the Johnson Controls engineering that makes FX the easiest choice in building automation. Learn about the FX Appliance engineering tool and how it enhances your productivity and significantly reduces labor.
Tuesday, 1/31, 3:00-3:20pm
Chillers/Refrigerants Brian Smith, Director Chiller Solutions Global Marketing Evaluating the Environmental Performance of Low-GWP Refrigerants
This session will review the total equivalent (global) warming impact, demonstrating the importance of energy efficiency, proper maintenance and refrigerant disposal over the single refrigerant’s GWP potentials.
Tuesday, 1/31, 3:40-4:00pm
TempMaster™ Eric Evenson TempMaster™: RTU Direct Competitive Replacement
Walk away with a better understanding of existing rooftop units in the market and how older units can be replaced. Learn about TempMaster's quick-ship, easy-to-install direct RTU replacement units that also help you save money.
Tuesday, 1/31, 4:20-4:40pm
VRF JC Rubi Energy savings to reduce operational expenses – VRF vs. PTAC
o Discussion of the potential energy savings of selecting a VRF system over PTAC systems
o Presentations of various scenarios with example calculations of savings per various regions (especially high Kw areas of USA)
o Data/charts to demonstrate the sound comparison of VRF to PTAC systems
o Greater comfort from VRF variable speed compressors and control options when compared to PTAC systems
Tuesday, 1/31, 5:00-5:20pm
Metasys® Brian Estill, Director of Controls Marketing, Systems & Services North America Taking Your Devices from the (Pneumatic) Stone Age to Present Day
See how simple devices – like the Johnson Controls WT4000 thermostat – can take your facilities from pneumatics to full direct digital control (DDC) at a fraction of the cost. These low-cost offerings are also designed for non-invasive installations, so you expect paybacks in less than two years!
Tuesday, 1/31, 5:40-6:00pm
Metasys® Ryan Piaskowski, Product Manager, BAS User Experience
Beth Ray, Senior Product Manager
The Case for a Better BAS User Experience
The journey to the new Metasys user interface began with thousands of hours of contextual research, which showed us that building operators spend a lot of time looking for relationship information. This type of BAS user experience makes building operators very dependent on graphics. However, an intuitively designed experience that clearly demonstrates relationships between spaces and equipment makes graphics less critical for troubleshooting.
Wednesday, 2/1, 1:35-1:55pm
Women in HVAC Allison Sahl, Ph.D.
Univeristy of Nevada
Women in STEM: Barriers, Challenges and Successes
Explore barriers to the success of women in occupations historically overrepresented by men. This talk will discuss explanations and offer examples of interventions.
Wednesday, 2/1, 10:15-10:35am
Metasys® Juliet Pagliaro-Herman, Director of Service Marketing & Product Management, Systems & Services North America Getting the Most Out of Your BAS with Maintenance
A BAS needs regular reviews and adjustments to ensure that building owners/operators realize the full benefits of their systems. Studies show that a 2-10% energy savings can be realized through these regular reviews. Learn about a systematic approach to maintaining building controls systems and the benefits gained, both during building startup and throughout its lifecycle.
Wednesday, 2/1, 10:55-11:15am
HVAC Navigator Russ Nickerson
Ravi Shankar
Ease of Doing Business - Navigator Platform
Learn about the Johnson Controls Ease of Doing Business program, enhancing the experience for our channel partners and customers. We’ll review the journey as to why and how the project was formed with a live demonstration on our Navigator Platform, which provides a consolidated and seamless interface for our channel partners and customers to transact critical business functions with Johnson Controls.
Wednesday, 2/1, 11:35-11:55am
AHUs Rob Tanner Making Sense Out of Fan Systems for Air Handlers
“How many fans?” “What type of fan?” The choices of fan systems for designers of air handling systems has grown significantly in recent years. Choosing the right fan can be a confusing and frustrating experience. We’ll help you hone on your decisions with a few guidelines that can help you achieve a balance of the factors that are important to your customers, including: efficiency, redundancy, reliability, serviceability, and footprint.
Wednesday, 2/1, 12:15-12:35pm
Smart Connected Chillers Juliet Pagliaro-Herman, Director of Service Marketing & Product Management, Systems & Services North America
David Bishop, Director, Service Operations, Systems & Services North America
Smart Technology for Chiller Maintenance
Proactive and technology-driven maintenance for chillers can save significant dollars on service and repairs. It can make life simpler for facility managers and empower engineers to solve problems quicker. Come hear what you should specify and learn about the key things to think about to bring the most benefit.
Wednesday, 2/1, 12:55-1:15pm
Chillers/Refrigerants Christian Rudio, Director, Product Management Free Cooling: An Intelligent Solution for Year-Round Cooling
Learn about the recent advancements in free-cooling technology, greatly enhancing the value of free-cooling as an intelligent solution for year-round cooling. After all, not all free-cooling chillers are the same.
Wednesday, 2/1, 2:15-2:35pm